Support Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

Through the years, we have witnessed the power of communities coming together and shaping the University through their activism and engagement. Today, Virginia Tech's alumni community continues to strengthen the Virginia Tech experience to ensure that diversity remains a central focus at the University. Through the ongoing efforts of the InclusiveVT Initiative, students and faculty have begun to capitalize on and secure the gains made on our campus in the past while enhancing the Virginia Tech educational experience.

The main components of this multi-dimensional initiative are perpetual support through gifts to the InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship Fund and endowed scholarships.

InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship Fund

Scholarships can do more than just lower the barriers to access. They can raise the caliber of education we provide, by allowing for additional opportunities for Virginia Tech students.

The InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship Fund will be used to help recruit historically underrepresented students (including freshman and transfer students) by providing additional financial resources to support their educational goals.

Please show your commitment to inclusion and diversity by making a gift to the InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship today. To make an online contribution, click here.

Beyond Boundaries Scholars

Together, we can remove barriers to enrollment for exceptional students whose presence creates a stronger university.

Through at least the end of 2017, we will match up to 65 gifts toward current-use scholarships for underrepresented students, through the new Beyond Boundaries Scholars program. This bold investment by our university will help us realize several strategic aims: increasing the percentage of underrepresented minorities to 25 percent of our undergraduate population by 2022, enrolling far more students from historically underserved populations, and reducing the number of high-achieving students who choose competing schools that can offer more financial aid.

To lead in higher education for decades to come, we must act today. We must draw the world’s top students. And our student body must reflect our interconnected world.

Now is the time. Partner with us to make a major impact. Support this important program. Help us build a better Virginia Tech. This rare opportunity allows you to double the power of your giving. Virginia Tech will fully match current-use scholarship gifts of $6,000, $5,000, or $3,000 helping underrepresented students. To make an online contribution, click here.


Endowed Scholarships

The Office for Inclusion and Diversity also encourages you to consider endowing a new fund, which bears your name or the name of someone who impacted your life. The perpetual support provided by endowed scholarship funds is critical to helping Virginia Tech meet its financial aid budget. With the Office for Inclusion and Diversity’s growing commitment to reducing the loan burden upon our students, your gift to help establish an endowed scholarship fund with a preference for an underrepresented student with financial need will help us meet the challenge of providing our students with the competitive financial aid that they need to attend Virginia Tech.  

For more information on our current endowed scholarship funds, please the link below.