Students at a university April 16 memorial event

The Strong Together Initiative is a new campus-wide effort to promote the values set forth in the Virginia Tech Principles of Community. The Strong Together Initiative will include a variety of programming and promotional efforts geared toward raising awareness and facilitating actions that reflect the values of the Principles of Community among students, staff, and faculty.

How you can get involved:

Support our Social Media efforts

Like our Strong Together – Principles of Community Facebook page and watch for postings on upcoming events.

Submit pictures, videos and reflections of your Strong Together moments or events to If you or your group has made a connection with someone from a background or perspective different than your own, both individuals or groups can submit a picture and joint reflection on what they gained from that experience.  We want to hear from both perspectives and share what each person or group gained from the connection.

Spread the Word

Strong Together shirts are available at the University Bookstore, which is a nonprofit corporation that returns all profits to Virginia Tech for student related scholarships and improvements. Two different shirts were printed: one with the word Strong, and the other with the word Together. The shirts are designed to create opportunities for making a connection with someone wearing the opposite shirt.

For more information on the Principles of Community – Strong Together Initiative, send an e-mail to